A to Z has a service plan to fit any need. When you sign up for our DISCOUNT service agreement. We agree to provide you with a qualified Service Technician to inspect your Heating, Cooling and/or Refrigeration Equipment. The maintenance services to be performed as part of the agreement include a deluxe tune up and professional cleaning each year, consisting of:

• Clean and check condenser coil
• Clean and check evaporator coil
• Check operating pressures
• Check starting capabilities
• Check safety controls
• Check and replace filters
• Clean and adjust blower components
• Clean condensate drain
• Check for proper temperature difference
• Check all electrical connections
• Lubricate all moving parts where necessary
• Clean combustion chamber (Oil Only)
• Change filter cartridge (Oil Only)
• Replace nozzle and adjust burner (Oil Only)
• Check combustion efficiency (Oil Only)

Additional Benefits
• Improved efficiency
• Extended equipment life
• Improved capacity
• Priority customer
• Agreement transferable
• 15% Discount on parts and labor**

In addition to the deluxe tune up, professional cleaning and DISCOUNT service plan we will provide you with emergency service that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

 Maintenance Agreement Pricing

 Air Conditioning $125.00

 Gas Furnace with A/C $200.00

 Oil Furnace with A/C $300.00

 Gas Furnace or Boiler $100.00

 Oil Boiler $350.00

 Oil Furnace $275.00

 Heat Pump $125.00

 Water Heater Gas $95.00

 Water Heater Oil $250.00

 Water Panel (humidifier pad) $35.00

 Media Filter $50.00

 Monthly Filter Change $75.00 per month

 Fiberglass filter ___x___x 1” Included $0.00
 (Stock sizes only) special order $4.00 Ea.

 * All prices listed above are Per System.
 Multiple systems must receive separate agreements.

 ** All parts are covered with the exception of Heat   Exchangers, Coils, Compressors and Refrigerant.