A to Z Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration LLC is Family owned and operated by Rich Fachet.
Rich has an extensive background in carpentry, plumbing and all aspects of building maintenance.
Rich is EPA Certified and registered with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office PA049538.

Rich started A to Z Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration as a side business in 1999.Then took the company full time in 2005 and incorporated in 2007 to what is now A to Z Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration LLC.
You will not find us in the phone book all of our business is word of mouth and local marketing.
We strive to keep the business customer friendly and our motto is Putting the Customer First in Customer Service.

Rich is a retired volunteer firefighter serving Delaware and Chester Counties for over 23 years and is certified National Firefighter II.

A to Z is working hard to build good will and trust among its customers and has an excellent list of references, we hope that you will join that list and will entrust your home comfort to A to Z Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration LLC

Some of the work we do

Whole House Fans

Cooling strategies
In the summertime, the air inside a home is heated during
the hot part of the day. At night especially, and during the
morning and late evening, the outside air is often cooler and
can be used to replace the inside air. It is important to open
all or at least several windows, even if only partially, to
provide adequate airflow. Closing windows in unused rooms
will create higher velocity air movement in occupied rooms.
Running the whole house fan whenever outdoor
temperatures are lower than indoor will cool the house.
Operate the whole house fan throughout the evening to cool
interior materials. An approximate rule of thumb would be to
use the whole house fan when outside temperatures are
below 85°F. As daytime temperatures rise, turn off the
whole house fan.

Single Vent System $1700.00 Installed

Multi Vent System up to 4 Rooms $2250.00

Additional rooms $225.00 Each

Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

Cleaning and Service

Oil Boiler and Tank Replacement   



Mouse nest.

Deep clean dirty coil

 Furnace Replacement.


This is a Bryant 90 Plus. It suffered a blocked secondary heat exchanger. The furnace was completly unsafe to run

The system runs on LP gas. This furnace was only 12 years old.


System was replaced with Goodman 95% furnace converted to LP gas. With  an Aprilaire high efficency air filter.

Commercial cleaning and service
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